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We have started working on e-commerce and logistics since 2010. At first, we developed a transportation service for our store. Then we noticed it is also an open issue for other businesses. So it leaded to creation of a transportation service called Rush peyk for online stores. There was where we felt the need for a reliable fleet management service. In 2017 we created a food distribution service called Atajoy which sent food from restaurants to customers. Since then we realized there is demanding need for an outside sales reps’ management service. We started looking for a software for outside sales management, but we didn’t find a suitable and affordable one. So we created our own outside sales reps and delivery management service.


Atajoy optimizes sales procedure and management procedure. Sales tracking, territory management, data collection and sales history are some of its features.

  • Online and offline ordering
  • Route optimization for sales reps and drivers
  • Dynamic customer storehouse management and applying necessary commercial controls for the customer at different levels
  • Registering successful visits and unsuccessful visits and showing all sales reps visits to the manager
  • Sales reps tracking (displaying current position of the sales reps on the map)
  • Check-ins (registering the customer’s location by the sales reps)
  • Defining visiting plans for sales reps unlimitedly
  • The ability to transmit visiting plans from the app to the Tablet

Sales reps and drivers tracking through the panel

Sales reps and drivers’ management 

The manager can manage and control sales reps and drivers. The sales manager receives sales statistics and returned goods of each salesperson.

Tracking and managing drivers, sales reps and customers on the map

Check-ins of customer’s locations by the sales rep
Connecting customers and sales reps to routes

Product categorization and representing products as a digital catalog on the sales reps phone app

A sales rep could add a new product to his assets and define its specifications. It is also possible to manage the product through the panel
Territory management for drivers and sales reps

You can assign each sales rep a specific area to find customers.
Also, you can define a specific route for sales reps to visit each day.

Why Atajoy?

Online ordering
Registering all kinds of orders using tablet or mobile and send it to the manager when you are online
Accurate localization
You can get the most accurate route by estimating locations each 15 seconds
Weekly updates
Atajoy constantly updates by a professional programming team and new features add to it regularly.
Step by step trainingWhile Atajoy presents high ease of use, all necessary trainings are provided for by video files and PDFs
24-hour support
From the beginning we have a 24hour supporting team to answer your questions and help you in case of any possible problems
Reasonable price
Our software is affordable while presenting many features



« I love being able to literally have all my resources under control and see them with pushing a button, and no need to use a vehicle for tracking them. This app is great tool for tracking everything including: routes, drivers, customers and amazing products. This sales app does these all! »

Be an expert and a sales leader: keep the information of your customers and even by the change of the sales reps, you don’t need to receive any information from your customer again.

Be an expert and a sales leader

keep the information of your customers

Get in touch with more potential prospects every hour: using the route tracker tool you won’t miss a prospect. Simply upload a list of your current prospects and their locations. By defining a zone for each prospect, control their locations. Set the most efficient route with our route planner and use the collected data to match the needs of your customers.

Get in touch with more potential prospects every hour

using the route tracker tool

Encourage your sales teams: using our software, you can see where is your sales reps right now. You can also see live reports of company member’s activities.

Encourage your sales teams

You can see live reports


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