The ultimate guide to Door-to-Door sales

This guide helps you to understand D2D sales process and gives you ideas to improve D2D sales and avoid common mistakes.

If you follow the right process, you will definitely become successful in your business.

If you are a D2D salesman, or you are starting to sell D2D, you need to consider strategies and tips to attract customers attention. you, as a travelling salesman should also avoid common mistakes to not lose your prospects.

This guide is divided into 3 different parts, which are:

  • Door-to-Door sales definition
  • Door-to-Door sales process steps
  • Door-to-Door sales strategies and tips
  • Door-to-Door sales common mistakes
  • Door-to-Door sales tools

What is Door-to-Door sales?

Door-to-Door sale is a canvasing technique that forms a system of direct contacts or customers. It stands for going from one customer to another and try to engage them with the benefits of your product or service. In fact, directly try to bring their products or services to prospects attention.

Door-to-Door sales process steps

It takes time and effort to start selling D2D. However, if you make the right decisions, you can build a skilled D2D sales team and increase your profit.

Here, we have discussed different steps of D2D sales process that is essential for a D2D salesman. It is crucial to do steps correctly.

Step1: Finding prospects

It is the most obvious part for any sales activity. If you are a D2D salesman, you need to find new prospects and turn them to customers to grow. Finding new customers is a crucial part for every door to door sales companies.

In order to find new prospects, you could simply focus on different regions, areas, etc. and go to them one by one.

Step2: Identifying the Ideal prospects

In this step, you should define the need that is solved by your product/ service. Then you should find prospects who need your products. In other words, you should find the pain, which makes them buy your product.

So you should determine who your ideal customer is. You need to consider their budget, authority to buy and their need to buy. These three are the most important things in identifying the ideal customer.

At the end of this step, you have a clear understanding of your ideal customer and before or after going to your prospects, you will try to find if they are you’re your customer or not.

Step3: finding customers

In this step, the salesman goes to the prospects directly. They need to first make sure if this prospect is an ideal customer. They need to ask the prospects right questions. As you know, there are three important criteria:

  • Need
  • Budget
  • Authority

You as a door to door salesman or door to door saleswoman could find out about the budget through the area of living. But here are what you should do to find all three qualifications for an ideal customer.

  • Try to encourage the prospect to speak about their problem and needs before bringing your solution
  • Use follow up questions to find about the economic situation
  • talk to the head of the family if you are going house by house or an adult

Step4: pitching

Now that you have identified a prospect into an ideal customer, you can start to introduce them your solution. Do not forget to be honest and fair while introducing your product. You should describe your product as a perfect fit for their problems.

Step5: close the sale

After a prospect finds out about your product, you could offer them to buy it. There are different ways of offering a product to a customer to buy. They may hesitate while deciding to buy. You should listen to their concerns and describe your solution again.

You also should remember their problems and needs they mentioned before. Moreover, address their problems to become more encourage to buy.

Step6: Following up and complete the sale

In this step, you as a door-to-door salesman should stablish a relationship and contact with customer. You should make sure they have received their product and they are satisfied with their purchase. This is a way to keep your customers to grow your network.

This final step is an important key to future sales opportunities. Therefore, you should pay close attention to these points:

  • they are satisfied
  • make sure they have received answers of their questions
  • if it is needed do referrals

You could use emails or phone calls to follow up. There are also different tools like email tracking tools for you to follow up on your prospects.

Door-to-Door sales strategies and tips

Some special tips and strategies help a door to door sales person to success in their business. The most important traits that are used by the most successful D2D sales persons are as below:

Train your D2D sales team

It is important to train your team member. It should be about the communicating skills, the knowledge about your product or service and the target prospects. Moreover, you should describe the features and benefits of your products/ services and how to close a sale. You and all of your team members need to use the following tips to success.

Give time to prospects

When you introduce your product to a prospect, they may need some time to think about it. It is a common reaction of a prospect. In this occasion, they need to conduct their own research about you. After that, they can trust you.

After a reasonable amount of time, follow up your prospect. Do not let too much time passes for following up.

Be an expert listener

No body trust a salesman who just talks. If you want to make a great effect on your prospects, you should listen to them and their concerns. It helps you to attract their attention and turn them to a real customer.

Ask questions

You should make a prospect feel that you care about them and your goal is to solve their problems by your products. You should also try to ask questions to know your prospects better. This helps you to know their needs completely and find their main pains.

Prepare a plan before meeting a prospect

You should prepare a plan to follow step by step. First, you should introduce yourself and then start to ask them about the specific problem. You do not have enough time to think what you should do, so you need to go to prospects with a predefined plan.

Improve and update your product

The best way to attract more D2D sales customers is to work on your product / service. Trying to meet your customers’ needs, improving your product/ service and adding new features and tools to them is a way to show your customers you care about their needs.

Know your product

The potential customers ask different questions about the product to make sure it fits their needs. The D2D salesman must answer their questions and give them the desired information.

There are two important points that a Door to Door sales person need to know:

  • describe the product/service tools as a solution to their needs
  • never lie about your product/ service and don’t make promises you can’t keep

Show your business card

It is important to gain the prospects trust in the first moments. If they don’t trust you, they won’t even listen to you. After a short introduction of yourself, you need to show your business card to prove that you are a verified door-to-door sales person for a door-to-door sales company.

Know the common rejections

After going to different prospects, a door-to-door sales person have a clear understanding of the rejection and negative responses. So using this knowledge could be a way to attract prospects. What a skilled door to door sales do is to bring new opportunities out of negative prospects.

  • Start to collect negative responses
  • Categories them
  • Find the right answer or reaction for each
  • Use them in the field

Choose the right time going to prospects

No one welcomes you if you have knocked the door in a wrong time. Avoid going to prospects at certain times that is usually for rest. Make sure it is the right time to knock a door or you will not said welcome.

It is better to go between 5 PM to 8 PM and 10 AM to 1 PM.

Focus on the benefits

While you are honest about your product, you should stay focused on its features and benefits. You should declare what it will bring to them and how it will help them to solve a problem.

Try to address their problems and needs while speaking about the product’s benefits.

Leave the sources information

Even if your prospect show their interest in your product, they ask you some time to think. During this time, they need to research you and your company. They also will check your competitors and your customer’s reviews. So make sure you have left one of these sources for the prospect:

  • Brochures
  • Company card
  • Website address

Pay attention to body language

A door to door sales person should know different customers through their body language. For example if a prospect continue to have an eye contact with you and shaking their heads to confirm your words, you can conclude that he is interested in your product. Then based on their body language, you could choose how to continue.

Apart from this, your body language is also important. Your body language should show your confidence in your product. You should look sure about your product and not hesitated.

D2D sales common mistakes

Door-to-door salesperson needs a variety of skills to success in sales. They also need to be aware of common mistakes and how to manage a sale.

Here are common mistakes:

Forgetting to follow up

In the first meeting, most of the prospects ask for time to think. It is so important that follow up them after a while.

If you forget to follow up, you will lose a large number of your potential customers. You also need to remember details about the prospect, so you should write their information and keep them.

You can follow up your prospects by

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Visits

Insisting too much

If you don’t look confident and sure about your product, the prospect hesitates about buying you. Insisting makes you untrusted and your product unreliable.

It is vital to not repeat your offer repeatedly and let the prospect to think about it.

Not knowing your product

If you could not answer customer’s questions and refer them to other sales reps, they will be disappointed from your product. It is significant to know your product and how it works as a solution. It’s the most significant point to know all things about a product or service you are offering to others.

Not being on-time

If you have a meeting with a customer, it is tangible to be on time. If you arrive late, customers feel you don’t care enough to them. Customers don’t trust a sales reps who can’t make his promises.

Being sleepy or slouching

If you need to rest and you are tired, don’t go to prospects. You need to concentrate on customers words and you need to be conscious about what you are saying or asking. So it is not recommended to go to a prospect while you are tired and not focused. It will easily lead to losing customers.

Not collecting prospects information at the door

In order to reduce extra efforts to find prospects and to follow up each one, the door-to-door sales rep should carefully collect their information at the door.

Not using outbound and inbound together

Some sales reps and their company are busy working outdoors which forget about the inbound sales marketing. While too many opportunities are given sales reps to attract customers faster and easier using remote techniques.

Door-to-Door sales tools

Both sales managers and sales reps could benefit from using different useful tools to improve sales. In different steps and parts of selling door to door, you need different tools. These tools helps to facilitate sales process and to attract more customers using modern technologies.

Tools for attracting customers and following up

As the technology goes forward faster, people attend to use them as a various source of information and communication. In the first stage, they research you and your sales company to make sure about you and to analyze your product. So being in the social media and internet helps you to attract more customers.

There are different tools for you to make customers using the internet:

  • Have a personal website
  • Use social media
  • Use forums
  • Establish online support/ guide
  • Website visiting reports

Following up is an important step in door to door sales and you can email tracking tools to find out who has opened your email, clicked on the link or not.

3 most common email tracker tools are:

Tools for managing customer’s information

You cant remember all your customers information and it is essential in sales process to keep track of customers. Using a notebook is not the best way, cause you may need much time to discover your plans and to search for a specific customer.

As a solution to this issue, you need to use a CRM, which helps you to keep and manage information about your customer and manage your daily plans.

Here are some useful CRMs to use:

Tools for territory management

Imagine a sales manager sent her/his team members to the field without having them a specific plan. They may go to some places twice and more while not visiting some.

Using a territory management tool is a tool to assign different areas to different sales reps and work through the prepare plan. You could use Atajoy’s tools for territory management.

Tools for ordering

When a customer make a purchase, sales reps or their manager need to record their order, sent it and follow up the customer to see if they are satisfied.

Using papers is not recommended and it needs so much effort to finally send it.

Using Atajoy’s ordering tool, benefits both sales reps and sales managers from both online and offline ordering.

Tools for GPS check-ins

By GPS check-ins, sales reps could check-in at customer’s location. Viewing the check-ins on a map has several benefits. Sales reps share their check-ins with other sales reps and sales manager.

You could use our GPS check-in tool for recording check-ins at customer’s location.

Tools for sales rep tracking

Sales managers could use sales reps tracking tool to ensure where their teams are in the moment. It helps them to efficiently track sales reps activities and analyze them.

It also gives the managers a source of information about the area and its potential for the company.

Tools for route planning

Using a route planning tools means that you are choosing the best route based on your defined destinations. It helps sales reps to efficiently choose the best route in order to save your time.

Having an optimized route based on your destinations, will increase your productivity. So it helps you to visit more areas and increase your customers in a defined amount of time.

The ultimate guide to Door-to-Door sales

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