Free sales mapping software for field sales

Having an optimized route based on your destinations will increase your productivity. Therefore, it helps you to visit more areas and increase your customers in a defined amount of time.

A sales mapping software also make it possible to have a precise plan for field sales daily activities. Sales mapping is essential for most businesses to meet their deadlines and increase productivity within a specified period.

Sales reps easily define their customer’s locations and find the optimized path using territory mapping software. It has been widely used and if you want your business to grow efficiently, you should use a mapping sales tool.

It is an emerging need to compute through the optimized path. Sales reps could organize their meetings altogether.

General benefits of using sales mapping software

Using a free customer mapping software, have some general benefits as below:

Organizing destinations: It gives sales reps the choose to plan all their destinations on an interactive map

Choosing the optimal path: based on defined locations, you will be given the optimized path to reach all customers in the best way

Real-time visibility: managers and reps have real-time visibility to make sure they have reached all the customers.

Disadvantages of not using a sales territory software

1-sales reps may have difficulty to find desired customers

A sales reps will be given some customers addresses to visit. Sales reps will not easily find them all. Sales persons may become confused and waste a great deal of time to find the customer.

It is recommended to use a sales map app or sales map software to define each location exactly on the map before sending the sales rep to the field.

2- Revisit customers

If sales persons don’t know the exact schedule of their day, they may go for a customer which another sales reps has visited recently.

 This annoys the prospect and you will lose customers when you don’t assign each sales reps particular plan.

By using a territory sales software, it is possible to assign each sales reps a particular plan for daily visits. Using a mapping software helps to avoid overlaps between sales reps.

3- Going on the wrong path

Choosing wrong paths waste sales reps’ time and manager’s time. It is time and money consuming to start from wrong locations and do not have a predefined plan to visit customers.

Sales territory mapping solutions provide sales reps with the optimized and fast path based on their stops and destinations.

4- Choosing wrong locations

Sales mapping solutions make mapping territories more faster and optimized. It is also an advanced tool, which helps to choose most efficient locations for sales.

Sales leaders can choose the sales territory mapping app to choose locations where they can make the most impact.

Sales managers will assign each sales reps a specified area. This will reduce the extra effort of commuting and will increase productivity.

Sales reps won’t waste their time going to distant locations, but also going to customers within a small area to avoid wasting of time and energy.

Advantages of using a sales territory software

Using a smart sales mapping software have advantages that are mentioned in this section.

1-optimizing sales routes

By using a smart solution of sales mapping territories, sales reps could find the most optimized route based on different stops locations.

Sales route planning is the most obvious benefit of using Atajoy’s sales mapping tool.

When new prospects are added to the software, the app helps users adjust their plans and routes efficiently.

2- Division of tasks between sales reps

In order to evenly distribute sales territories between sales reps, the sales manager should give them a reasonable size territory.

In small territories, sales reps might not find potential customers and in large territories, sales reps will be overworked.

It is essential to balance the amount of work between sales reps and choose a medium size territory for each of them.

In order to allocate your sales team accordingly, the sales manager should compare different territories and monitor the level of work of them. By mapping sales on an interactive map, it is possible to look at all locations once at one place.

3- Measuring meeting length

A dynamic sales territory solution help sales reps and sales managers to measure different metrics in territories.

Measuring the length of meetings lead to a more accurate plan in the future. It is also an important factor in sales and sales reps should know the right time of leaving a customer.

Stops are determined in a mapping territory software, and meeting length for each sales reps could be collected.

4- Not missing a prospect

In a crowded network of prospects, it may be hard to distribute sales reps equally in each region. It is vital not to miss prospects during work or in allocating territories to sales reps.

A sales mapping solution give us the right tool to monitor each territory of each sales reps and ensuring about reaching to each prospect.

5- Avoid task overlaps

There may be a mistake during allocating customers to each sales reps. The sales manager who don’t use a sales territory mapping app, may just determine the area approximate area of each sales reps and not the exact location.

 It easily leads to overlapping in sales reps territories. Customers will be annoyed by repetitive visits and won’t trust the company.

Sales mapping solution determine each territory accurately and the manager will make sure there is no overlap between territories.

6- Save time

Without territory mapping software, sales managers may need to spend hours creating sales maps and territories. By using Atajoy’s sales mapping tool, it would be possible to

  • assign a specific area or region to each team or sales reps,
  • specify an accurate territory for each sales reps
  • categorize areas or regions to high/ low potential, high/low volume, high quality leads

What Atajoy offers?

Atajoy is a smart field sales tool with many features. It offers sales reps and managers to use it as:

  • A sales territory planner
  • Route optimizer
  • A scheduling tool
  • Sales mapping software

It includes all advantages mentioned in using a territory sales manager. Atajoy’s sales mapping software use advanced tools to help managers and sales reps to plan and map territories, save time and work efficiently.

This is done by mapping locations data of customers on interactive maps. So it helps to save time and build more efficient territories in less time.

Free sales mapping software for field sales

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