Microsoft Streets and trips alternative

Microsoft streets and trips is no longer supported and available since 2013. Many users are searching for the streets and trips replacement since then. Streets and maps was slow to update and has its own disadvantages.

Atajoy is an alternative for Microsoft streets and trips with more advanced tools and suitable for salespersons daily needs. Atajoy presents a new solution for trip planning with up-to-date features to meet salesman’s needs.

Microsoft streets and maps

Before presence of any navigation platform planners, such as google maps or Bing maps, Microsoft released an offline navigation planner. NextBase originally developed it and Microsoft acquires it at 1994. Then it was released at 2000 as the popular streets and trips.

Microsoft streets & trips was a revolutionary software. It lead to the future developments in route planning and digital mapping. Passage of the time shows its disadvantages and limitations. Using it was time-consuming, slow updates or lack of updates, and its limited platforms.

The internet changed the whole world and facilitates many everyday tasks. There is no doubt that the world needed a more fast, online and with more capabilities based on the necessary needs. All these raises the need of a replacement that could solve today’s needs.

The end of Microsoft streets and trips activity

In 2013, Microsoft decided to stop streets and trips and in 2015, it ended the support lines. Microsoft’s goal was to move streets and trips users to their online mapping system that is called BingMaps.

After the goodbye massage of Microsoft Street and Trips, Microsoft Street and Trip download, update and support was ended. Many sales reps and managers, since then, are looking for the best replacement to meet their needs. Atajoy is a new replacement of Microsoft’s route planner, which offers users more capabilities than what Microsoft offered.

A replacement for Street and Trips

After Microsoft, sales reps and managers are searching for the right replacement of Street and Trips. It is necessary to first know the features of Microsoft and then present a replacement for it. It is also notable that Microsoft streets and trips 2015, was the last version of streets & maps. So there is no Microsoft streets and trips 2016, Microsoft streets and trips 2017, Microsoft streets and trips 2018 available since then.

The main features of Microsoft Street and Trips were as follows:

  • North of the U.S. and Canada maps
  • Trip planning (multiple destinations)
  • Showing the quickest way
  • Road type optimization (e.g. country backroads)

Atajoy, is suitable replacement for ms Street and Tips with several required features for sales reps. Now, in order to become familiar with Atajoy and Microsoft software  differences, look at the below table. It compare them in terms of different features.

The main benefits of Atajoy over street maps software are as follows:

  • Its availability on android phones
  • Quick route planner and optimizer
  • High detailed maps
  • Customer/ sales visualization
  • Calendar integration
  • Sales analytics (reports, charts)
FeaturesAtajoyStreets and Trips
Available on androidYesNo
Data visualization on mapYesNo
Calendar integrationYesNo
Route optimizationYesYes
Territory managementYesNo
Offline routingYesYes
Driver’s velocity checkingYesNo
Advanced chartsYesNo
Driver performance reportYesNo
Reminders from managementYesNo
Map detailhighlow
Colorize by attributeYesYes
Custom fieldsYesNo
Map customersYesYes
Performance monitoringYesNo
Timing tableYesNo
Technical supportYesStopped since 2015

Route optimization of Microsofts Streets and Trips replacement

Using a route planning tool means that you are choosing the best route based on your defined destinations. It helps sales reps to efficiently choose the best route among all possible routes.

Atajoy offers route planning tool to save time and increase efficiency and productivity for sales reps. By using Atajoy’s route planning tool, you don’t need to spend much time in planning to visit all your target destinations in the best way.

You are easily given the optimized route based on your desired destinations and it will help you save your time.

Having an optimized route based on your destinations, will increase your productivity. If it is used correctly, it could result in high performance and more customers.

Microsoft Street and Trips had route planning tool, but it was only working on computers. Atajoy is available on web and android devices.

Check-ins of Microsoft Streets and Trips replacement

By GPS check-ins of Atajoy, sales reps could check-in at customer’s location. Sales reps could share their check-ins with other sales reps and sales manager. It also could be considered as a competitive space between all sales reps.

By adding customer’s check-in, sales reps could also add other extra information such as phone numbers and name. it helps sales reps to collect the spatial information of customers along with the necessary ones.

Microsoft didn’t have such a tool for collecting spatial information. It was more likely for general markets. While Atajoy offers sales reps check-in tool to specify more details and increase sales.

Tracking tool of Microsofts Streets and Trips replacement

Another benefit of using Atajoy is its tracking tool.  It helps managers to efficiently track sales reps’ activities and analyze them.

It also gives the managers a source of information about the area and its potential for the company.

It helps managers to track their sales reps and also drivers.

Territory management of Microsofts Streets and Trips replacement

Atajoy’s territory management capability is another efficient tool for sales reps and managers. Using this tool, sales reps could assign specific areas to each sales rep. so they won’t get confused or disturbed by other members.

It avoids going to some places twice and more or not visiting some.

Sales reps could see their own area of working and work properly without extra effort to find areas or places. Also managers could easily manage all visits and desires areas altogether.

Streets and maps didn’t have such a tool to manage different areas and sales reps working boundaries. It didn’t consider any managing plan for teams.

Data visualization of Microsofts Streets and Trips replacement

You always need to have an outside look of your progress of work to plan for the future.

Atajoy has made it possible to look at a map with different data pinned on it. Sales reps could use it to plan sales route, and also see customers’ locations and check-ins on map.

Street and trips didn’t manage to continue its work, despite some of its useful features. It had the ability to map customers on the map and define them with different colors.

Lead generation of Microsofts Streets and Trips replacement

Lead generation helps salespersons to find new prospects everywhere easily. Using it, sales reps are able to find nearby prospects.

Atajoy offers salespersons its lead generation tool to find new prospects everywhere.

Microsoft was limited to only showing business reviews and ratings, and lacked this important feature.

Advanced reporting and sales analytics of Microsofts Streets and Trips replacement

Making reports helps managers to stay informed of sales process and your team performance.

Atajoy’s advanced reporting tool, gives you different charts and analytical reports of sales process, sales reps performances in a defined period of time.

Sales reps and managers could benefit from using information and makes their own performance improved through the given information.

Try the best streets & trips replacement

Streets and trips 2013, was the last version of a revolutionary software in navigating and route finding. It had limited features but efficient. Technology advancements has made it possible to use develop apps in smartphones for different applications.

As technology developes, solving the problems and meeting the needs also developes. So with today’s needs, it is necessary to choose a solution with a variety of different features.

Based on the above information of Atajoy features, salespersons could try it as one of the best alternatives for streets and maps.

Atajoy offers salespersons many features to increase sales all in affordable plans.   

Microsoft Streets and trips alternative

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